Here’s a production photo from the current production of She Has A Name in Folsom, California which runs through June 22, 2014:

She Has a Name by Andrew Kooman - performed by Freefall Stage in Folsom, California

I was pleased to learn that She Has A Name is being well received during its first US community theatre production , and from the sounds of it the cast is knocking it out of the park!

I’m grateful for performers who give their heart and soul and the best of their craft to the work.  What an honour to have people continue to engage the story, bringing it to life on the stage and experiencing it in the audience.

Here’s a snippet of the review play in the Folsom Telegraph, which gives huge props to the cast:

Who should see this play? Not people seeking a “pleasant evening of theater,” I have to say. But it must be seen by anyone not afraid to be totally moved by witnessing human character at its most raw; by anyone who savors actors unafraid to give performances that draw upon their deepest emotional resources; by anyone who is willing to see theater as a medium able to shine light on one of the most heinous crimes occurring all around us, in Sacramento as much as Bangkok; by anyone not afraid to be shaken by what outstanding actors can give. If you truly love theater, you must see this play. And I promise you, it is a play you will carry with you long after the lights have gone up.


The play was also featured on ABC News in Sacramento:

Learn more about Freefall Stage’s production of the play, get tickets and read more reviews at their website.  Follow them on twitter.