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Actor makes Name in trafficking play



Carl Kennedy is quickly making a name for himself in Canadian theatre.

Morris Ertman, the artistic director of Rosebud Theatre, caught the The North Carolina native in Vancouver in The Last Days of Judas Iscariot.

Ertman knew that Stephen Waldschmidt was looking for someone to replace Aaron Krogman in the national tour of Burnt Thicket Theatre’s harrowing drama She Has A Name.

“Stephen got hold of me and allowed me to skype my audition with him,” says Kennedy, a graduate of the University of Washington in Seattle.

In She Has A Name , Kennedy plays both Jason, a young Canadian lawyer trying to expose the sex trade in Thailand and a notorious pimp who controls Jason’s key witness.

“It’s incredible. I get to play both Jason and the man he hates the most in Thailand.

“This dual role is important to one of the themes in the play.

“We all have the propensity for evil in us. It’s just a matter of giving in to those urges or denying them.

“Jason could be the pimp just as the pimp could be Jason, given a different set of circumstances in their lives.”

When Kennedy learned he had been cast he immediately began researching human trafficking.

“We live in a digital world so there was so much I could read on the Internet. Also, Andrew Kooman’s play is so thorough, insightful and revealing.”

One of the things Kennedy learned early on in rehearsals for She Has a Name is “this is not a problem of Third World countries. It is a universal problem.

“Any town or city in Canada that has a major truck stop has been a portal for human trafficking.”

Kennedy will be spending the next five months in Canada ada touring with She Has a Name.

The national tour begins on May 23 in Lethbridge and visits Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary, before heading to Saskatoon, Ottawa, Halifax, Victoria and Vancouver.

“I’m getting to sweep through Canada. I feel truly blessed.

“I have an incredible role and a magnificent play and I get to see Canada. Things bigger and beyond me have made this all possible.”

There will be a fundraiser for She Has a Name on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. at the Foothills Alliance Church at 333 Edgepark Blvd. N.W.

The $10 admission includes gourmet desserts and hors d’oeuvres and an art auction of local painters.

Kennedy and his co-star Evelyn Chew will perform a scene from She Has A Name.

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