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The critically acclaimed play by Andrew Kooman is a perfect graduation gift and an excellent addition to a social justice-focused curriculum for English, Political Science or Theatre programs for high school, college and universities courses.

She Has A Name by Andrew Kooman

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Now available in paperback and as an ebook.  “Be a witness to She Has A Name and you’ll never be the same” (Ignite 107).

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Human Trafficking Resource List: NOW AVAILABLE 
Andrew’s recommended guide for further reading on the issue, international organizations making a difference, and helpful films on human trafficking

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Haunted by anguished voices, a lawyer poses as a john to build a legal case against a brothel trafficking girls across the border. Can he win the trust of a young girl, forced to work as a prostitute and convince her to risk her life for the sake of justice?

Andrew Kooman - Follow on Social MediaAndrew Kooman is a Canadian author, playwright and screenwriter. His writing has been published around the world and translated into more than 10 languages.

Andrew’s work for the stage has been produced across Canada and in the United States. He is the author of the critically acclaimed plays We Are the Body and She Has A Name, which toured Canada and has been produced Off-Broadway in New York City. His other stage plays include What We Didn’t Know, After Hymn!That Towering Cross , Shelter, 3 Monologues, Though He Crush Me and Joseph.  Andrew also has numerous plays and skits distributed in the United States by Skit Guys.

The film adaptation of She Has A Name is now a major motion picture from Unveil Studios. Andrew is also the author of a book of poetry entitled God/he and the young adult novel series Ten Silver Coins. He is co-editor and writer for the books Disappointed by Hope: Migrants and Refugees in Search of a Better Country and Hope in Action, which shed light on justice issues faced by migrants in Southeast Asia.

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Production-ready scripts for the stage

She Has A Name is an emotionally powerful stage play that has been produced across Canada and the United States, including Off-Broadway in New York City.  The play has been produced by professional, community and student theatre groups to critical acclaim. The play transforms theatre creators and audiences alike.

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“If you truly love theatre, you must see this play!”
Folsom Telegraph

“A polished play with an urgent message about human trafficking.”
Montreal Gazette

Watch the critically acclaimed feature film

“A riveting, fast-paced political thriller.”


“A cinematic triumph!”


She Has A Name is a hugely important film for this year, bringing home the realities of a global issue that must be tackled. I encourage everyone to [watch] it and help to fund freedom.”


She Has A Name “is a film of depth and detail, honestly portraying how countless people lose life and liberty to ruthless criminals.”

– KEVIN HYLAND, OBE, The United Kingdom’s First Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner

“Scenes ring searingly true.”


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