Haunted by anguished voices, a lawyer poses as a john to build a legal case against a brothel trafficking girls across the border. Can he win the trust of a young girl, forced to work as a prostitute and convince her to risk her life for the sake of justice?


Production-ready scripts for the stage

She Has A Name is an emotionally powerful stage play that has been produced across Canada and the United States, including Off-Broadway in New York City.  The play has been produced by professional, community and student theatre groups to critical acclaim. The play transforms theatre creators and audiences alike.

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She Has A Name - Human Trafficking - A play by Andrew Kooman

US/Mexico Version of She Has A Name

About the Scripts:

Acts: 2 Acts
Running Time – 90 minutes
Male Cast: 2
Female Cast: 8
Doubling: 5 actors can play a total of 10 roles

A Note for Artistic Directors and Producers:

For production purposes, you are legally required to have as many copies of a play as are needed by the cast/director etc. Photocopying without legal license is prohibited.

Please contact the playwright’s representative to discuss bulk orders of the script

Critical Acclaim

“5 STARS ABSOLUTE MUST SEE!  Be a witness to She Has a Name and you’ll never be the same.”
Ignite 107


“A heart-wrenching hit!”
Calgary Sun


“Without a doubt, the most worthwhile piece of theatre I’ve ever seen.”
Art Threat

“If you truly love theatre, you must see this play!”
Folsom Telegraph


“A polished play with an urgent message about human trafficking.”
Montreal Gazette