Critical Praise for the film adaptation of She Has A Name – written by Andrew Kooman

“A riveting, fast-paced political thriller.”

“A cinematic triumph!”


She Has A Name is a hugely important film for this year, bringing home the realities of a global issue that must be tackled. I encourage everyone to [watch] it and help to fund freedom.”


She Has A Name “offers a unique and timely perspective into the realities of this crisis”

– CANON ANDREW WHITE, ‘Vicar of Baghdad’

“Scenes ring searingly true.”


She Has A Name “is a film of depth and detail, honestly portraying how countless people lose life and liberty to ruthless criminals.”

– KEVIN HYLAND, OBE, The United Kingdom’s First Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner

“She Has A Name not only exposes the culture of complicity that allows human trafficking to continue, the film compels us toward private and public action; We are all duty bound to insist that the voices of victims replace their bound silence and that justice triumphs over injustice for them.

She Has A Name marks the beginning of our national movement to abolish the modern-day slave trade once and for all; We are proud of our local producers, cast and crew for elevating our awareness of this important issue.”

– MAYOR TARA VEER, City of Red Deer, 2016

“Human trafficking is a heinous crime that robs its victims, often young women and girls, of their most basic human rights. It is important that Canadian films such as She Has A Name are able to draw international attention to this disturbing business.”

– GORDON CAMPBELL, Former High Commissioner to the UK

“Simply stunning.”


“I commend the production team and crew of the film She Has A Name for drawing attention to the plight of the victims of human trafficking networks. Countless innocent lives are destroyed by this illicit, immoral trade – that such crime could flourish in the 21st century is unacceptable. She Has A Name supports Government of Canada and partner efforts to stem this crime,  which preys on the most vulnerable in society. I trust that the film will enjoy the broadest distribution and that it will stimulate further concerted action against human trafficking.”

– PHIL CALVERT, Former Canadian Ambassador to Thailand, Cambodia and Lao

She Has A Name “is brilliant!”

– TABEA OPPLIGER, Founder of Glowbalact, Switzerland

She Has A Name “had me on the edge of my seat!  It will challenge you to do something!”

– KELLIE HOLBECHE, Founder of The Mission Worldwide and International Director for Iris Cambodia

“When I saw [She Has A Name] … I was really moved. One of the best films I have ever seen, and I don’t say that lightly.”

– MICHAEL DAWE, Author and Historian

Critical Praise for the 2012 Canadian Tour of She Has A Name

She Has a Name [is] a nervy, poignant drama that bravely tackles [the Asian sex trade]. Kennedy and Chew… both deliver strongly felt, nuanced performances” Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald – 4 Star Review

She Has a Name, Burnt Thicket’s powerful drama about human trafficking, is currently on a cross-Canada tour and it stopping at the Fringe Festival. Last time it played in Calgary it was sold out before it actually opened, so it should prove to be one of the festival’s hottest tickets.”  Louis B. Hobson, Calgary Sun

5 STARS ABSOLUTE MUST SEE! “This play polished to perfection. Be a witness toShe Has a Name and you’ll never be the same.” — Ignite 107 5 out of 5! “Some plays take your breath away.  She Has a Name crushes the breath out of you….  [It] pins you down in your chair, compelling you to watch even when you want to leave.” — Donald McKenzie

4 Stars! “She Has a Name is a play that is well performed [and] tells an important story…. The talented cast tackles the material admirably.” — CBC Winnipeg “This is heavy subject matter that resonates emotionally.”  – Uptown 

“Carl Kennedy enlivens his role with enthralling emotional resonance …. Kennedy makes it work beautifully as an idealist over his head even while [van Haastert] strengthens him with her own quiet heroism.” – Theatre in London

“Warkentin achieves a delicate determined grace futilely struggling against a practiced villainy that Sienna Howell-Holden makes frighteningly clear as the brothel madam, Mamma.” — Theatre in London

She Has a Name [is] a polished, well-acted production of a play with an urgent message about human trafficking.” — @patstagepage – Pat Donnelly, Theatre Critic, Montreal Gazette

5 out of 5! ~ “[She Has A Name] had its way with me…. A powerful, haunting theatre piece.” — Estelle Rosen, Charelbois Post

“The acting and writing in [She Has A Name] are both astounding. I know a play is doing something right when I find myself completely absorbed, and I was right there with the characters for every moment of this ninety minute show. Evelyn Chew is particularly compelling as Number Eighteen, a character who sheds emotional armour before our eyes.” — Michelle White, Bloody Underated

She Has a Name, by Andrew Kooman [did] not disappoint. This Calgary import about human trafficking is a road-tested show featuring some terrific actors, especially Evelyn Chew [as] prostitute Number 18 in a Bangkok brothel. It’s… very well done. Yes, worthy theatre does happen at fringes.” — Pat Donnelly, Theatre Critic, Montreal Gazette

“Provocative. Poignant. This is a MUST SEE!” — @JamieMcIntosh, IJM Canada

“Evelyn Chew’s performance is just bloody wonderful…. Chew as #18 [sells] the whole show, personifying the corrupted innocent who has internalized the monstrosity of her imposed new life.  It’s powerful medicine.” — Kevin Reid, The Visitorium

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Critical Praise for the 2011 World Premiere of She Has A Name

“She Has A Name [is] a heart-wrenching hit… 4 stars!” — Louis B. Hobson, The Calgary Sun

“An interesting and thought-provoking drama that works…. Kooman has created electrifying scenes [that] will make audience members hang onto every word.” — The Red Deer Advocate

“… [with] its powerful portrayal of a young woman trapped in the horrors of sexual trafficking in Thailand, the play was expertly directed, acted and written. — Red Deer Express

“Riveting…The depiction haunts me!” — Darcie Nolan, Eye See Media

“…it is the portrayal by Wong of someone embodying childlike innocence enslaved by fear that galvanizes the production, and gives it urgency and emotional depth.  From the get-go, our heart goes out to the character.” — Bob Clark, The Calgary Herald

“Red Deer playwright Andrew Kooman’s She Has A Name is a powerful drama ripped from today’s headlines. It tackles the chilling subject of human trafficking and in particular the exploitation of children who are sold into sexual slavery.” — The Calgary Sun

She Has A Name, a play written by Andrew Kooman, has shocked and wowed theatregoers who were fortunate enough to attend the performance.” — Strathmore Times

She Has A Name provides candid and authentic insight into human trafficking in South East Asia. The content of this play will make you feel uncomfortable, upset and enraged. As a young lawyer working in Cambodia, She Has A Name inspired me even more to dedicate my life to the thousands of children who are trafficked every year.” — Rebekah Armstrong, Solicitor Te Nahu Lovell & Co Executive Director of

“She Has A Name is a story that haunts me.  This play’s emotional journey will grip our audiences by the heart, offering them a meaningful encounter with the art of theatre.  But it is their live experience of Jason and Number 18?s powerful story that will inspire and stir them to lasting action.  I believe She Has a Name will be a force that moves many Canadians to become ‘new abolitionists.’” — Director, Stephen Waldschmidt

Awards + Nominations

  • Winner of the 2009 Scripts At Work / Alberta Playwright Network Award
  • 2012 Pick of the Victoria Fringe
  • Nominated for the 2012 Centaur Theatre Award for Best Anglophone Production