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Andrew Kooman - 3 Plays now on Skit Guys

Looking for a great skit or play for your church group or organization?  The following plays by Andrew Kooman are now officially available through Skit Guys at

The Miracle of Mom - Andrew Kooman

The Miracle of Mom – Themes: Mother’s Day, Marriage, Love

Jessie and Laura meet under magical circumstances when a feather falls between them as they walk in a park. Fast-forward five years when they are married with two kids. The miracle of love and the magic of the falling feather is buried under piles of laundry. Actors:Minutes: 5

Remembering Mom by Andrew Kooman - Available at

Remembering Mom – Themes: Mother’s Day, Grief, Hope

Danielle discovers that a pair of tulip bulbs, forgotten in an old pot under the kitchen sink have started to bloom, despite being left in the dark. The strange occurrence helps her to finally deal with the grief she’s hidden away over the decades after losing her mom, buried deep down in part because of the busyness of raising her own family. Actors:Minutes: 5

Though He Crush Me - Andrew Kooman

Though He Crush Me Script – Themes: Good Friday, Crucifixion

Though He Crush Me is a surprising conversation between Christ and the devil moments before the Crucifixion.

This short play is a great illustration tool for teachers and communicators alike and serves as a powerful exploration of the enormous personal stakes and sacrifice for Christ as he goes to the cross. With his hands tied behind his back and about to face his greatest challenge yet, Christ is Intimidated and belittled by the devil who appears to make him doubt the divine plan. But Christ turns the conversation, and the devil, on their head with a powerful argument at the genius and wisdom of Heaven. Though He Crush Me is certain to make audiences look at the story of Good Friday with new eyes. Actors:Minutes: 13

That Towering Cross by Andrew Kooman

That Towering Cross Script – Theme: Easter

Anna returns to the small-town church she grew up attending for its annual Easter production after a ten-year absence. When she meets Joshua after the performance, her view of the cross as a tired, old symbol is challenged not only by his invitation to imagine it differently but her need for it to be something more. Actors:Minutes: 55

The play premiered March 26 – 28, 2015  in Red Deer, Alberta and was Directed by Annette Bradley & Laura Geelen. It was presented by Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Centre at the Memorial Centre and helped to raise $90,000 for the Centre’s new home for single mothers.