We have an enormously talented cast bringing the roles in She Has A Name to life. It’s sort of ridiculous.

It’s a unique mix of stars well into their career fleshing out supporting roles and break out performances by the films leads with actors from Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Europe and the USA.

Eugenia Yuan (MAMASAN) in a moment of levity between scenes on the set of She Has A Name

Something I never want to get used to as a writer is the invaluable collateral added to the work by talented people. In every department this blew me away. But especially from the committed performances by actors so dedicated to their craft.

You’ll see what I mean when you see the film, but it’s what you couldn’t see, behind the scenes on set, that sticks with me still.<

These are some truly beautiful people.

Giovanni Mocibob (JASON) on set the last day of our Thai shoot

I’ll never forget the genuine humanity on display as our actors took time to sit and hear survivor stories and learned about trafficking from a Thai friend who works in an aftercare centre .

Or the generosity shown on set by actors who took time between scenes to bring ice coffee to crew , something you may not always see in film.


Vanessa Toh (MAE) and Teresa Ting (18) on set in Thailand

They fought for their characters and for the best of the script. They put up with mixed up call sheets. They went the extra mile through long hours into the night and extreme humidity and heat. They brought their best, and it’s an incredible film as a result!


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