I’ve started to make my own books from scratch.

I have a ways to go before I perfect the craft, but it’s something I’m enjoying.

It starts, as most good things do, with a whole lot of coffee.  Tubs of it, in fact. Kona blends, espresso, caramel infused brew to steep pages of paper.  Clothes lines that criss-cross the basement, needle and thread, glue and precision, and a measure of patience.

I’ve started to produce my collection of poetry, God/he, which I describe as a book of short, imagist poems that is both love song and shouting match between the human and Divine.  Written in the tradition of wisdom literature and paradox it is framed by the stories of Job and Jacob who wrestled with God.

I’m looking forward to creating more unique and original copies of the title.  Here’s the first few I’ve produced:

I’m tinkering with the idea of getting an ISBN.  Perhaps when I find my groove I’ll look at Etsy.
But I’ll turn that page when I get there.