I’m really excited about the new monologues I’ve written, commissioned by the Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Centre for their 25th Anniversary Gala on November 2, 2013.  And I’m thrilled to introduce (below) the talented theatre artists who will bring the characters, the words and the drama to life.

It’s been an amazing experience so far to learn more about the work at CAPCC, connect with the incredible staff and volunteers, and to learn about the decisions real people make and face every day in light of unexpected pregnancies. The monologues will look at three true-to-life stories of people in unexpected circumstances as they reflect on the decisions they’ve made and must make.

The monologues will be performed during the program of this special event, and funds raised for the evening will support the work of the CAPCC.

I hope you’ll come out to see these creative and inspiring artists perform on November 2. It’s a worthy cause and will be exhilarating theatre.  

You can get tickets here.


Sue Backs | Janet

Sue received her B.A. (Drama Major, political science minor) from the University of Alberta. She then traveled to New York and is a Graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre. At the Playhouse she received a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. She has worked across this great land from Toronto to Vancouver and has appeared in numerous theatre, film and television productions. She has enjoyed playing such roles as Margaret in “Waiting for the Parade”, Miss Kitty in “Who Shot the sheriff”, as well as the Samaritan woman in the Canadian badlands “passion play” (for the past four years). She is currently directing  50 students in a production of “The King and I”.  Living in Abbotsford at the moment, Sue feels blessed to be working with these talented people in the province that has always been “home” in her heart.

Aaron Krogman

Aaron Krogman | Bryan
Aaron Krogman is an actor, musician and writer based in Rosebud, AB. Selected acting credits: Motel in Fiddler on the Roof, Danny Frank in Christmas on the Air, Dylan Thomas in A Christmas in Wales, Charlie in Bright Particular Star, Joe in May and Joe, Paul Bratter in Barefoot In The Park (Rosebud Theatre); Narrator in For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again (Leapkrog Productions); Bert Taylor in Soldier’s Heart (Loudly Whispered Theatre); Jason in She Has A Name (Burnt Thicket Theatre); Jesus in The Canadian Badlands Passion Play. He is pleased to be on another adventure with Steve and Andrew through an important subject.


Amy Burks | Sarah

Amy is honored to be joining the cast of Three Monologues. She originally hails from Springfield, Ontario but finds herself haunting the beautiful hamlet of Rosebud where she is a recent graduate of the Acting Mentorship Program. Acting credits include: Five Women Wearing the Same Dress (Theatre BSMT upcoming), Rosebud Follies (Rosebud on the Road),Our Town, Cotton Patch Gospel, Anne of Green Gables (Rosebud Theatre), Quilters, The Crucible, Triumph of Love (Rosebud School of the Arts), The Selkie Wife (SeeingBlind Productions), Sound of Music (Kaleidoscope Theatre). “What a privilege it is to be part of some story telling that takes a good look at some difficult situations. I am thankful I can share these words with all who can witness them and perhaps inspire positive action in our world.” Amy would like to thank her worldwide network of hearts known as her family and Steve and Andrew for their fearless conviction.

Stephen Waldschmidt

Stephen Waldschmidt | Director

Stephen Waldschmidt works as an actor, director and designer. Directing credits include the 2012 cross-Canada tour of She Has A Name by Andrew Kooman, Hockey Dad: A Play In 3 Periods, and the script development for Solo Joe, currently touring Western Canada (Burnt Thicket Theatre). Acting credits include Queen Milli of Galt, The Road to Mecca, Christmas in Wales, Tent Meeting (Rosebud Theatre); A Bright Particular Star, Chickens, Ten November, The Clearing (Pacific Theatre); and the role of Jesus in The Canadian Badlands Passion Play from 2008 to 2012. Scenic design credits include It’s a Wonderful Life (opening November 1), May & Joe, $38,000 for a Friendly Face, Jake & the Kid, The Secret Garden (Rosebud Theatre) and The Quarrel (Midnight Theatre Collective). Stephen holds a masters in theology and the arts from Regent College and a BFA in theatre from University of Calgary. He is grateful for Kirsten, his kids Caleb, Asher, and Eden, and for the opportunity to work on this compelling project.