If you’ve followed She Has A Name, you may know that the film is inspired by true events — a trafficking incident on the Thai border that ended so terribly and tragically.

One trigger for the backstory of 18 was to ask about her origins. When I learned about the incident (through my sis-in-law Christy), I started to ask the Q: What if she was on that truck?


The directors with members of the Art Department discuss the scene the day before the shoot

Scouting the location and sourcing the truck for the film posed interesting challenges, stretching back to the first trip producer Shari Aspinall, directors Matthew Kooman and Daniel Kooman and I made to Cambodia when we originally green lit pre-production.

This was probably one of the most complicated and definitely the most expensive days on our shoot. A mid-afternoon rain threatened to make continuity a challenge. The question of what to do about the weather hung over the production like the clouds that rolled in from the distant mountains.


Shooting interiors of the container truck in the middle of the night

With up to fifty extras shooting through the night, it was one of the more risky scenes for our actors who had to walk across the metal cargo bin and down the ladder in the dark.

From a script standpoint, because of logistics the action for the scene had to be re-written a number of times into the lead up as conditions on the ground and the imagined scenario had to collude with each other.

Things needed to go smoothly.

Vanessa Toh as MAE in a scene from She Has A Name

I can’t wait for you to see how this scene turned out in the film. It’s a hinge point for the narrative and a truly powerful scene, thanks to the able touch of directors Matt and Daniel Kooman and the fantastic performances by actors Teresa Ting and Vanessa Toh.


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