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Photo: Senator Janet Mitchell (Bonnie Zellerbach) in her office in DC.

Our second day of shooting went very smoothly.  It didn’t necessarily have to go that way, though. That’s because the location we had scouted and booked for the government offices fell through as we were wrapping filming for Day 1.  

In a twist of irony, planned since the early days of pre-production, we had to fly to Bangkok in order to shoot the corridors of power in the Western world.

Even though we wrapped at 9 PM, by 11:30 PM working closely with our Thai Line Producer, we had scouted and confirmed a new location then arranged all the details before midnight.

The set was loaded, decorated and ready for our 8:00 AM call time the next day.  Quite a quick turn around!

The second last shot of the day was an epic one of the Senator overlooking the city.  The fearless grip team set up on the balcony of the 35th floor without flinching.  It was a long way down!

After sending most of the crew home, Matt and Dan jumped in a cab with the Second AD who moonlit as a Taxi Driver for one of the opening shots in the film.

We wrapped the way we started the day, thrilled to be pursuing this dream.  We’re glad you’re part of the adventure!

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