i’ve been going over some old work, sorting through stacks of paper, discovering old things i’ve written down over the years.  i find them on wrinkled post-it notes, computer print outs, graph paper.  the exercise brought me back to some notes in a journal i kept while attending slingshot in kona.  teaching from loren and darlene cunningham, david hamilton, judy orred and other incredible communicators.

during that time of faith and focus, mind and heart change, i wrote things down.  i found a digital file of ‘silence poems’ as i then described them.  this poem reminded me of the generosity of God.  in tandem with my current reading of isaiah i’m becoming unfamiliar again with the God i think i know so well.  this poem reminds me of the surprise and thankfulness i have in the God who says yes.

you said yes
it surprised me
I expected negation
a maybe

you said life
I expected death

you have a different

you say yes

© 2009 andrew kooman