Last night I stayed up late, reworking a key scene in my play about a young lawyer who conducts an undercover investigation in a Bangkok brothel, posing as a john in order to build a case against a pimp.  I wrote the play before coming across the writing of Gary Haugen.  His organization IJM conduct such investigations.  It was exciting to read his work and to see that the details of the play reflect reality.  It is inspiring and important to read his work to gain valuable perspective about the reality of in/justice in the world.

The following quotes from Haugen’s excellent book, The Good News About Injustice, fortified me today. I found them amongst my vast expanse of loose-leaf, as I was transcribing some other work.

The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , from his commencement address at Springfield College (p. 61)

We hope because of what we have already experienced. Christian hope is both possession and yearning, repose and activity, arrival and being on the way. Sice God’s victory is certain, believers can work both patiently and enthusiastically, blending careful planning with urgent obedience, motivated by the patient impatience of the Christian Hope.

Quoting David Bosch (p. 62)

In the end the battle against oppression stands or falls on the battlefield of hope. No one knows this better than the oppressors. They know that they never have enough power, lies, or loyalty to withstand the onslaught of even a fraction of the power, truth and courage that humanity could at any minute amass against them. Therefore they rely on, utterly depend on, the inaction of despair. They know full well the preeminence depends on most people in heir community, their nation and their world doing nothing.

(p. 67)