yesterday i headed to calgary with matt to pick up a bunch of lawn mowers for the season of yard care.  mannacure yardcare inc. is gearing up for another busy season.  matt and dan are bracing themselves for a whack load of spring clean-ups, power-raking and aerating.  i’m sure i’ll be in on some of the action.

matt and i stopped in for some agent training in the new mortgage biz i mentioned the other day.  our excitement continues to build and we see major opportunity to help people pay off their houses much faster!

on the way out of town i dropped a package in the mail: the entry of my short film though he crush me to it’s  my first film festival.  this was exciting!  i’m hoping it will be accepted at a few festivals, so i decided to put it on the line a bit and see what happens.  you don’t know unless you try, right?  i really want people to connect with this story.  i’ll enter it into a few more festivals in upcoming weeks.

i also received a personal email from anne rice.  it was really neat to hear from her (i had asked her a question about her thoughts on Mary and her faith’s perspective on the mother of Christ).  i greatly admire rice and am especially impressed that she responded to my email.  this doesn’t always happen with established writers.