What Art Can–and Can’t–Do
by Philip Yancey, published in First Things (thanks cousin Luke)

There is a time to be a goad, and a time to be a firmly embedded nail. A goad prods to immediate action, but a firmly embedded nail settles deeper, as an indelible marker of what T.S. Eliot called “the permanent things.” 

Letter of His Holiness Pope John Paul II to Artists (c.1999)
Posted on the Vatican’s website  (thanks to Dave von B)

Every genuine art form in its own way is a path to the inmost reality of man and of the world. It is therefore a wholly valid approach to the realm of faith, which gives human experience its ultimate meaning. That is why the Gospel fullness of truth was bound from the beginning to stir the interest of artists, who by their very nature are alert to every “epiphany” of the inner beauty of things.