I’m excited to share a first look at the official poster for the World Premiere of We Are the Body. People will start to see it popping up all over Red Deer, Calgary, Saskatoon and online as Burnt Thicket Theatre gears up for production in the Spring:


We Are the Body, a play by Andrew Kooman

The compelling poster art by Steven Morton incorporates the short and long dash, which are the base sound scape elements for the play.  Many of the scenes are triggered by sound memories.  As prisoners of conscience under the harsh Communist regime in Romania after World War II, ELSIE, MICAH and RICHARD can only communicate through the walls of their solitary cells by Morse Code, using whatever pebble or rock they can find to tap out messages in the dark.

I was so thrilled to see this key sound component of the play visually incorporated into the poster.

The poster is released now that tickets are available for pre-sale.  You can purchase your tickets for the shows in Red Deer, Calgary and Saskatoon.  So please tell your friends in those cities to check it out!

In the upcoming days I’ll be sharing some of the “Making of” moments of this story in the lead up to the World Premiere on my blog. I plan to share a little about why I wrote the play in the first place and some of the details about what inspired me and what I’ve been learning through the process.

We’ll also be releasing a series of trailers and featurettes for the play in the near future.

Please help us spread the word on social media.  You can link to these blog posts and if you tweet, you can spread the word mentioning my handle @akooman and @BurntThicket.  We’ll be using the hashtag #WeAreTheBody.

For all you facebook aficionados, you can right click on the image below and set it as your facebook cover image, should you so desire:

We Are the Body - Facebook Header -

To find out more about the play you can tune in to the page on my website that I’ve dedicated to We Are the Body or go right to website of Burnt Thicket Theatre, where you can also download the original poster file.

Creating and producing new theatre in Canada is an exciting challenge and a thrilling journey.  It is such a privilege for me to be part of telling meaningful stories.  I’m so grateful for everyone who has helped and will help bring this new story to life.

I hope you’ll come and check out the show, that you’ll join us for the adventure of the story and that it will challenge what you believe about what you believe.