A passage of writing from personal reflections of my time in Malaysia with Burmese refugees will appear in the upcoming issue of EyeSee Magazine, a new socially conscious and globally focused quarterly publication based out of Colorado Springs.  The magazine is published in 7 countries and translated into Swedish.

I was pleased to learn via the magazine’s twitter feed (@EyeSeeMedia ) that the magazine will donate 25% of all profits from the forthcoming issue toward a Water Project in Kosovo.

Beside the great content (see below), the publishers’ generous hearts is another reason to subscribe to the magazine!

$4.50 / issue
$15.00/ year

Allies or Enemies? by Jonathan Russell - from the upcoming issue

In the next issue of EyeSee Magazine:

Allies or Enemies? Faces of Afghanistan
A Photo Essay by Jonathan Russell

True Nature, Engaging the world around you
by: Amy Henry

Culture War: Panama’s disappearing tribes
by Ryan Wojton

Hell on Earth
Photos from Nicaragua by Pablo Jiminez

Through My Eyes: Refugee From Democractic Republic of Congo to South Africa
by Pappy Orion

Reflections on my time spent with Burmese Refugees in Malaysia
by: Andrew Kooman