Imprisoned in solitary confinement behind the Iron Curtain of post-war Romania, Elsie’s only companions are two other prisoners she cannot touch or see, tortured like Elsie for their beliefs.

As they tap out messages in Morse code from the confines of their lonely cells, the unseen companions trigger memories from her former life, especially her love affair before the war. Past and present collide as Elsie tries to imagine a future without torture or faith.

Critical Praise

“Andrew Kooman’s We Are the Body is a thoughtful, harrowing drama…. It all has the ring of authentic truth to it….The castturn in powerful performances.” — Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald

FOUR STARSWe Are the Body couldn’t be more relevant and unsettling” — Louis B. Hobson, Calgary Sun

“At a time when the planet is boiling over with religious conflict, We Are the Body dramatizes the redemptive power of faith in a way [that] is universal” — Calgary Herald

“Rewarding, moving… delightful!” — Theatre critic Colette Kehler

The lyrical, intense script delivered an emotion-packed evening of theatre.” — Red Deer Advocate

“Waldschmidt clearly has a way with actors – Bratton, McIver and Pattengale are all exceptional….Pattengale, in particular, is outstanding.” — Red Deer Express

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We Are the Body by Andrew Kooman - nominated for 3 Calgary Theatre Critics' Awards

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imprisoned 1952

From the lonely confines of solitary confinement, Elsie, an art student in Budapest before the war, remembers her life with Ionel when the future was once bright.  She longs for his forgiveness and his touch as days of imprisonment turn to years and she is left to survive, memories and unseen fellow prisoners her only companions.

VIDEO: Elise Featurette 



imprisoned 1948

Imprisoned for refusing to meet with his congregation even after public meetings were banned in Romania, Richard taps out sermons to fellow prisoners through Morse code as a way to survive the anguish of torture and the years of separation from his wife and son.

VIDEO: Richard Featurette



imprisoned 1951

A young man when thrown in jail for attending an illegal meeting, Micah wastes away in prison in a small cell with little light and hope, afraid the only physical touch he will ever know is the forceful blows of Soviet fists. His secret conversations with Elsie and Richard through Morse code are a flicker of light in the darkness.

VIDEO: Micah Featurette

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World Premiere Cast + Creative Team

Heather Pattengale – ELSIE

Tim Bratton – RICHARD / IONEL

John McIver – MICAH / PETRE




Victoria Krawchuk – COSTUME DESIGNER




Production History:

We Are the Body had a public reading in Rosebud, Alberta in November of 2012. The play was developed in part through a Scripts At Work Playwright Circle led by Gordon Pengilly in 2012.

Where: Studio 914 Theatre

914 20 Street West
Saskatoon, SK S7M 0Y4
(306) 667-1221

Where: Pumphouse Theatres

2140 Pumphouse Avenue Southwest
Calgary, AB T3C 3P5
(403) 263-0079

Where: Scott Block Theatre

4816 50 Avenue
Red Deer, AB T4N 4A3
(403) 346-0402

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