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We Are the Body nominated for 3 Calgary Theatre Critics' Awards - 2015
Theatre Critic Colette Kehler

“Andrew Kooman’s bravely written work We Are the Body is rewarding, moving, and at times delightful…. The play’s scrutiny of the depths of personal loneliness and our innate impulse to cry out for companionship which leads to enlightening and uplifting realizations.”

“The character of Richard, a persistent sermonizer played with humour and tenderness by Tim Bratton, is dedicated to the memory of real-life detainee Minister Richard Wurmbrand, who wrote about his experiences when imprisoned for his beliefs in communist Romania.”

“Micah is a younger, less acquiescent inmate and an archetypal little brother.John McIver’s depiction of this apprehensive soul in search of reason and truth in life is remarkably easy to empathize with as he becomes jaded and falls away from his firm beliefs. A very raw side of faith is shown through his journey, exploring deep seated doubt, guilt and regret, almost as if from a child’s perspective.

But it is Elsie, played with exquisite sensitivity by Heather Pattengale, who captures the audience and draws us into this harsh reality. At times, she sits onstage just listening to Richard and Micah as, through tapping, they discuss, console, confess and pray, and through this simple device, we the audience become a fourth character, sat in a fourth cell, contemplating the same fathomless conundrums of human existence.

Calgary Sun - Louis B. Hobson


“We Are the Body couldn’t be more relevant and unsettling.”

“McIver and Bratton… are so convincing in their multiple roles it is as if there were seven not three people in the cast.”

“Stephen Waldschmidt [directs] with such a creative hand…. Kooman’s writing is at its best.”

“McIver tears at the heartstrings.”

Red Deer Express

“We Are the Body speaks loudly and clearly to virtually any audience, because the story is on many levels universal…. It’s a sobering reminder of how precious life is, but also how precious freedom is that ultimately enriches and injects purpose into our lives.”

“Waldschmidt clearly has a way with actors – Bratton, McIver and Pattengale are all exceptional…. Pattengale, in particular, is outstanding.”

“[We Are the Body is] a raw, challenging and inspiring exploration of a time in history which I believe is far too often overlooked.”

“Playwright Andrew Kooman clearly knows how to pen a compelling script, complete with well-rounded characters and engaging, insightful storylines.”

Mark Weber, Red Deer Express


Red Deer Advocate

“They lyrical, intense script delivered an emotion-packed evening of theatre.”

“The play contains tremendous performances by the three-actor cast.”

“Kooman is a talented playwright, whose sparse, visceral dialogue can make viewers think and also hit them in the gut.”

Lana Michelin, Red Deer Advocate

Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald

“Andrew Kooman’s [We Are the Body is a] thoughtful, harrowing drama.”

“It all has the ring of authentic truth to it… it feels real.”

“The cast… turn in powerful performances.”

“Pattengale…bestows a kind of spiritual ferocity on Elsie…. Bratton’s Richard is more restrained… he’s a deeply spiritual man who seems determined not to give his captors the satisfaction of seeing him in anguish. As both Micah and the guard Petre, McIver delivers a strong, believable performance.”

Audience Feedback

“A relentless, engaging, brutal, dissonant, poetic, challenging show.” — Joanne Loewen

“We saw this show in Red Deer and it is incredible. Thoughtful, challenging, ‘unsanitized’ and yet wholesome; mentally, spiritually and emotionally stimulating….. It will be the best $$$ you spend on drama/theatre [or]any movie this year.” — Steven and Sarah Ibbotson

“Gripping and powerful.” — Ashley Savage

“Engaging art, stunning symmetry in the storyline, actors that had you at “hello” and authentic and believable dialogue.” — Todd Rutkowski

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