I was thrilled to learn last week that She Has A Name was selected to be in the 25th Victoria Fringe Festival, August 25 – September 4, 2012.

The tour is becoming more and more real.  It’s an incredible experience, really.  Stepping out on that limb to bring it to life, with an amazing team of talented people who believe in the story and all that it means.  We’re excited about producing powerful and meaningful theatre.

We’ve set a critical deadline to raise $120,ooo by February 29.  We see this as a must-meet funding goal by this deadline.  If we don’t reach it, we can’t move forward.  I’m pleased to report that we have raised $55,000 toward that goal.  We’re nearly half way there.  I’m amazed, but not surprised, at the generous and incredible support of audiences, friends, family who are believing with us and working alongside us to make the tour a reality:

Insert the thermometer graphic here. No, we are not the United Way.  But we have our own graphic.  Look at us go!

Thanks for walking with us, believing in me, and championing this play.  I can’t wait!  What a Spring, Summer and Fall it will be.

This is how the tour is shaping up (stars beside the place and date indicate we’re pretty darn sure we’ll be there – for sure at the Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary and Victoria Fringes!):

Lethbridge | May 23 – 27*

Saskatoon | May 30 – June  3

Ottawa | June 6 – June 10

Montreal | June 14 – 24*

Halifax | July 3 – 8

Winnipeg | July 18 – 29*

Calgary | August 3 – 11*

Edmonton | August 16 – 26

Victoria | August 24 – September 3*

Vancouver | September 6 – 16

Kelowna | September 17 – 30

Red Deer | October 1 – 6*