Well, here we go.  We’re a week away from the pay-what-you-can preview in Lethbridge.  Whatever this tour is, for me it’s somewhat surreal.

We’ve worked so hard to bring this story to tour.  When I say we, there’s many to name, but I certainly speak of the team at Burnt Thicket that includes the indispensable Alida Lowe and Artistic Director James Popoff.  And also the incredible creative team led by director Stephen Waldschmidt.  And of course the team of actors, whose talents I have to pinch myself above the elbow to believe.

What a thrill to have such people – wonderful souls – engage with incredible commitment and energy some of the words I’ve written down on the page. Bring them to life.

I was really encouraged last night by the words of a friend who wrote to me from a far-away place.  “Everything’s going to be alright.” Calming words amidst the momentum toward tour launch.  I don’t doubt them.  I just need to hear them. Absorb them.

(And if I need to hear those words in a creative, professional endeavour, how much more then do those precious lives caught in real stories like this imagined one need to hear those words and for those words to be not only said, but also brought to life in their circumstances.)

What things, words.   Churned through the lungs of this world like air.  Said and unsaid at all times.

It seemed appropriate to note the power and pull of words while at the computer I sat down. And to affirm that whatever this story is for others, for me it began when a word fell down.