The Amy Award

The Amy Award

What happens when you get a line like the gem above, 3 hours of writing, the talent of 4 actors, a director, stage manager, costume designer, a saddle, and some tree branches?

The second annual Scriptease.  

And maybe an Amy Award. Mine frightens me.  You may see figurines like the one above mounted on the hoods of cars, strewn in back alleys, fixed as lawn ornaments, hanging as tree decorations, or burning as effigies in the upcoming days.

It was fun to be a part of the fundraiser last night for Prime Stock Theatre in conjunction with Scripts at Work in Red Deer and to see creative minds thrown together under some bizarre guidelines to produce a mix of plays.  

It’s great to see local artists and local creativity in play.  If you need a theatre fix this year, check out Prime Stock’s upcoming line up of plays this year.  And don’t forget about the Red Deer College Main Stage productions.  Lynda Adam’s is directing a production of Treasure Island that you won’t want to miss.