Andrew Kooman

Andrew is a Canadian writer and producer. His work has been published and viewed around the world and translated into more than 10 languages. Andrew strives to tell powerful stories that make real-world impact. [Learn More]


I have a 13 year old boy who’s DYING to read the next book in your Ten Silver Coins series. He’s literally squirming out of his skin with the emotion of it all! 

Deja, Happy Parent to reader of Ten Silver Coins

She Has A Name is a heart-wrenching hit!”

Calgary Sun

Andrew Kooman’s We Are the Body is a thoughtful, harrowing drama…. It all has the ring of authentic truth to it….The cast… turn in powerful performances.” 

Calgary Herald

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Ten Silver Coins: The Drylings of Acchora

"Refreshingly original!" -- Red Deer Express

From the imagination of award-winning author and playwright Andrew Kooman comes a thrilling new adventure series children of all ages will love, and families can read aloud together. 

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