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From the imagination of award-winning author and playwright Andrew Kooman comes the thrilling new book in the Ten Silver Coins adventure series that children of all ages and adults young at heart will love, and families can read aloud together. 

Perfect for readers' groups and book clubs that enjoy talking about adventure, the meaning of life, and what it means to be courageous in the world.

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Creative expression invites people from all walks of life to exchange ideas and sit at the same table.  For issues like trafficking where vast resources, comprehensive strategy, and the will and work of so many good people are required to eradicate it, the arts can uniquely connect people and compel them to conversation, debate and to action.

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Delft Blue, the new screenplay by Unveil’s Andrew Kooman was named a semi-finalist in Season 3 of the Filmmatic Screenplay Awards in Los Angeles.

The screenplay, a follow up to Kooman’s critically acclaimed screenwriting debut She Has A Name, is a family drama set in Holland in World War II after the nation falls to the Nazis in May of 1940.

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Like to listen to books on the go?  You can listen to Ten Silver Coins: The Drylings of Acchora chapter-by-chapter on Youtube and for free on Spreaker! One of my new projects, as I gear up for the release of Book 2 in my Ten Silver Coins series is to bring each chapter from Book 1 to the podcast world. I love podcasts, and want to venture into the domain, but perhaps it's overly ambitious.  I'd love to know what you think.  Is this a smart way for an indie author to go? Chapters 1-7 are available on Youtube, so check them...

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I'm spending my summer enjoying the outdoors with dear friends and family.  I'm also busy working on my final paper for my Masters degree in English and Transitional Justice. I'm writing about the original abolition movement and their publishing tactics, exploring ways they mobilized the middle class to action. There's so many great books and articles I'm learning from.  If you're interested in the story of ending slavery, check out I highly recommend these books. The works I cite for the paper is much longer, but these are a great start:   Carey, Brycchan.  “To Force a Tear: British Abolitionism and...

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