Adventures in moving a home office - Failed attempt 1

Adventures in moving a home office - Failed attempt 1

My wife and I are expecting our second child (mazel tov!).  We live in a three bedroom home, which means my home office will soon be a nursery.

That is, if I can find a place to move all my files. A lifetime of writing (or at least 20+ years).

That is, if I can find a way to get through all the paper, the boxes, the journals. A system by which I can sort through and organize. Move the files from one place to another in a way that will seem harmonious and sparse (my wife is a master organizer and a ruthless purger... We will be sharing an open concept office space in the basement - mazel tov).  

Yes. Good luck.

For the record, Marie Kondo is not welcome in this process. I've overheard what she says about paper.  None of this is clutter. I considered just tearing through it all, pushing away all sympathy and ruthlessly tossing paper into the recycle bin.

Paper is made from trees, and trees are close to my heart. And it just so happens that countless words, thoughts, experiences from my heart are on these multi-leafed volumes, leaving a literal paper trail of my life and experience. 

I balked approximately seven times before I picked a box.  I thought it would be easy.  The label read "She Has A Name Film". 

My thought process went something like this:

The film's produced, right? This must be a bunch of drafts that I know I have as digital versions. Let's start by recycling these and you'll be on the way. You need a small win, to start some momentum toward the inevitable paper-purging snowball.

Oh the naiveté! 

The box was mislabeled.  I'd used it in my move out East in 2014 to store a mishmash of documents. Here's the itemized list, for your edification:

  • A spiral notebook with two semester's notes of SBS teachings for key books of the Bible from which I can draw life teachings (c. 2005)
  • A Leadership Development course by Stephen Mayers 
  • A songbook filled with chord sheets
  • A notepad with detailed notes for business plans, stanzas of poetry and sermon notes
  • Another spiral notebook (c. 2003) with excerpts of fiction and poetry and core notes on a writing project I'd forgotten about until this notebook jolted my memory
  • an envelope filled with all the certificates I completed during the Web Developer program I took at RDC (c. 2007)
  • A spiral illustration pad with original poempictures, more notes and poems
  • lost photos from my E for Everyone film trip showing a much younger me and crew (Matt and Dan especially) (c. 2006)

This was just the first of a dozen other boxes*. Currently the contents listed above are out of the storage closet and strewn across the floor.  

When you move a home office, apparently it's two steps forward and fifteen or so back.








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