After All - Christmas Poem 2019

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After All - Christmas Poem 2019

Thank you for connecting with me over the last year through my blog. As is my tradition, I wrote a poem for Christmas, my way to engage the wonder and mystery of the season. 

I pray that the humility of Christ in these apoplectic times resonates with your mind and quiets your heart this Christmas.

After All

Christmas 2019
After the frenetic pace of the cross-country 
journey and the frantic search for any
place with a warm, clean
All the strange and surprising 
collisions of an obscure tribe over 
generations (devious ploys, barren 
wombs, grumbling in the desert, implausible 
gambles) while Heaven
wove its will with the human thread
through time
Once the prayers of 
some thousand women and
men through the ages
filled the golden bowls
of Heaven like so much
frankincense so that, of
all disguises, the Messiah
could side step the marble
corridors of Augustus 
opulent halls of Herod to be 
born of a woman
as helpless babe
When that first, stark cry
from fluid-filled lungs
split not only the cold hill country air
but history 
in two
All He wanted to do 
was look at Him
The soft sea
shell of an ear that
one day would 
hear the Spirit’s 
Eyes dark as the 
expanse between two stars
alert yet unable to see beyond
the cooing voices round the 
manger, eyes that would fiercely
search the world of men
help the blind to see
The crescent moon
of a fingernail
curled into the palm of the smallest
hand that could hold the universe
together, open willingly to be
pierced with a rusted
Roman spike
The mystery of ages
revealed, hope of 
nations born 
as the great doorway 
to life turned open on its
eternal hinge to release
from its great stores
a flurry of redemption upon
the arid earth
All He wanted 
was to look
at Him

Andrew Kooman
London, Ontario
© 2019


  • Jola Hanhart

    What a wonder and a hope we have! Beautiful poem Andrew

  • Diane

    God has gifted you with the ability to bring words to life, Andrew! Thanks for sharing!

  • Mary

    Love your poem , Andrew
    Beautifully written

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