Delft Blue selected as semi-finalist for LA screenplay competition

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Delft Blue selected as semi-finalist for LA screenplay competition

It was a pleasant jolt of surprise to learn over the weekend that my screenplay Delft Blue was named a semi-finalist for the 2018 Filmmatic Screenplay contest in Los Angeles.

This story means so much to me and this small bit of recognition encourages me as a writer and producer. It's a story I hope to bring to life some day with Unveil Studios.

The screenplay is a kind of origin story for me, a way to imagine some of the the unthinkable challenges families faced during the horrible days of Nazi occupation in Holland. What faith and resistance meant and required.

It's the kind of story my family and so many other families who immigrated after the war can relate to.

In a nut-shell, Delft Blue is a family drama set in Holland in World War II after the nation falls to the Nazis in May of 1940.  After a brief but surprising resistance, the story’s main characters prepare for a long and difficult occupation in a war Holland never dreamed it would enter.

Along with their 12-year-old daughter they are soon faced with impossible decisions: to choose between resistance and passivity, family and friendship and whether or not the sincere faith they’ve observed with its quiet traditions might now require unthinkable violence.

For me, this story is ultimately about one family doing its best to make sense of the times; to fight the good fight and to survive with their faith, their sense of what is right, and their lives in tact.

I hope that one day, when it's produced as a film, Delft Blue will captivate and inspire audiences’ imaginations and challenge all of us to ask relevant questions about the nature of violence and faith in our times.


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