Dream, in life and film

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Dream, in life and film

Do you sometimes feel a little sheepish when you think big? Or want more?  When you desire to go after a goal that doesn't seem within reach?

I do. 

But my working theory is that if you have those questions, then you might be on to something important.

That's how I feel about the latest project I produced called Dream, which is directed by my talented brothers Matthew and Daniel Kooman. It's now streaming online.

The series features the stories of diverse people from around the globe who found purpose when they embraced their God-given dream. Subjects include Grammy Award-nominated artists, a former Sudanese child soldier, a disaster grief counsellor, and a young Canadian boy partnering with a Tanzanian girl to bring about change through a simple stuffed elephant.

  • That Canadian boy is my nephew Elijah.
  • Those Grammy nominees are our friends Bryan and Katie Torwalt, whose songs you may sing.
  • That grief counsellor is currently helping families in China cope with the deadly Coronavirus.

Dream is about the ordinary made extraordinary when people find their significance. 

I want to personally invite you to watch the series online I know it will inspire you to continue pursuing your dream and encourage you if it feels like the realization of your dream is a long way off. 

So if you're looking for uplifting content, please check it out!

The series just hit the Top 10 on Christian Cinema this week! And we want to keep the momentum going.  Every view helps, and so does every starred and positive review. 

I hope you'll check it out!

Dream - the award-winning documentary series by the Kooman Brothers


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