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Elle Tiene Nombre - She Has A Name now streaming in Spanish

Just call me, Escritor!

I learned today that She Has A Name is now officially streaming in Spanish.

The Spanish version has been in the works for awhile, so it's a thrill for me as a screenwriter to see the film brought to new audiences throughout the world!


Jason, un abogado estadounidense, se hace pasar por John para construir un caso legal contra un proxeneta que trafica con niñas a Bangkok. ¿Puede ganarse la confianza de una joven prostituta conocida solo como la número 18 y convencerla de arriesgar su vida para testificar contra su proxeneta?

This story continues to surprise me.

I hope it touches many more hearts in a new language.

If you have Spanish-speaking friends or family, please spread the word about this timely film that explores the story of two teenagers caught up in the world of human trafficking in Bangkok. 

You can stream She Has A Name in Spanish on NuhbeTV.

You can also watch in on Amazon Prime.

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