How a white boy from Canada came to write about issues faced by Asian migrants and how that could possibly matter to North Americans

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How a white boy from Canada came to write about issues faced by Asian migrants and how that could possibly matter to North Americans

They’re printed and they’re here.  At least, the first copies in Canada. 

And the word I’ll use to describe that feeling when I got the package in the mail is complete gratitude.

Because this project has been a labour of love over the last few years, an unlikely partnership with some hard-working and compassionate people. To now hold a copy in my hand is a reward. 

I can’t wait for you to spend time reading this book, because I know it will be a powerful experience.  Hope In Action will inform readers of one of the ‘ground zeroes’ for the global migration and refugee crisis.  It will also refresh in readers compassion for people who truly need it.

I can confidently promise that with this book, because it’s exactly what happened for me as I wrote the stories, researched the issues and sat with caseworkers, migrants and refugees in Malaysia.

Over the next few weeks, in the lead up to the official Asian release of the book (in English and Mandarin this June), I’m going to be sharing about the publication.  What this book is all about and how a white boy from small-town Canada came to write about issues faced by Asian migrants and refugees and how that could possibly matter to North Americans.

In short, I silenced the voice that tells me I’m not expert enough, experienced enough, don’t really care enough and don’t have what it takes (all points that could be effectively argued).  I got on a plane and I picked up a pen.

Of course there’s a few more details in between, but if you boil it all down, I guess you could say I let my life be interrupted enough to respond to an opportunity that was presented to me. And as is often the case with such opportunities, it changed me.

Like me, you may sometimes feel that you are somehow automatically disqualified from engaging issues that actually touch your heart (before politics or cynicism or busyness or convenience shuts up the compassion) because you just don’t care enough. I hope this publication–the very fact that it exists–will serve as notice that that feeling is wrong.

And I hope you’ll join me on this journey so that together we can say we didn’t sit on the sidelines but jumped into action to help people in need through unique and creative ways.

I can’t wait to share more about this book with you and to see great things emerge as we risk unleashing our compassion! It’s now available as an eBook (PDF) so you don’t have to wait until June or order and ship from Malaysia.




Shocking stories of human rights abuses in South East Asia have now been heard around the world. Hope in Action gives an up-close look at the lives of migrants and refugees as they come to Malaysia. It portrays an honest and eye-opening account of their experiences.

Through stories, photographs, reflections and extensive research, Hope in Action shines a light on what many migrant workers and refugees currently endure in Malaysia. It will refresh compassion for people who are in desperate situations and equip readers to help those in need.

Join the thousands of readers throughout Malaysia and around the world who are compelled to become true hope in action!

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