In search of the perfect filing cabinet

In search of the perfect filing cabinet

I'm sorry, but these just don't do it for me.  Yes, I actually typed in "World's perfect filing cabinet" into my browser's Google search bar.

Here's the results, or the most click-y article that promised to help me sort my office move dilemma and justify my break (after approximately 4.5 minutes) from dealing with the piles of paper, drafts of stories, and collected writings accumulated over time. 

I need a combination of:

  • Ikea's organization,
  • Marie Kondo's tidiness,
  • House & Home's elegance,
  • with Thor-like proportions,
  • shipped to my front door (same-day, preferably) for an Amazon price.

Think that's not realistic? Is this bruise on my face from the the wall of reality telling me it's not?

I want to believe that there's something out there that will help. 

I want the star of a popular Netflix show to ring the door bell and assure me that I can, in fact, move my clearly categorized papers from their easy-to-stack and store boxes (where they nicely germinate in the dark behind the closed closet door of my office) to a piece or suite of furniture in which they can disappear in our open concept basement. 

Tell me that today I can start to move books and papers and a hundred seeds for stories and dreams and that it will all be okay.

Even a mustard seed of faith can move a mountain (of life work).

Perhaps I should start a go-fund-me to create the perfect storage unit.


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