Praise for Ten Silver Coins: The Battle for Acchora

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Praise for Ten Silver Coins: The Battle for Acchora

I'm grateful for early praise for Ten Silver Coins: The Battle for Acchora, Book Two in my YA series of novels.. 

Editor Mark Weber of the The Red Deer Express has this to say of Ten Silver Coins: The Battle for Acchora.

"As with the first book, Kooman’s imaginative skill and keen sense of what truly makes a rich, adventurous tale work continues to thrive."
"There is no question Kooman has his own unique style, and there are hints of influences from legendary authors like C.S. Lewis, Madeleine L’Engle and J.R.R. Tolkien that bubble gently to the surface as the brisk tale unfolds."
"What also sets the book apart is Kooman’s gift for painting ‘pictures’ via his words. Chapter by chapter, it’s easy to see in the mind’s eye what characters and the landscape itself might look like."


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Ten Silver Coins: The Battle for Acchora by Andrew Kooman

About Ten Silver Coins: The Battle for Acchora
(Book 2 in the YA series) 

The highly anticipated second novel in Andrew Kooman's Ten Silver Coin series.

The world's on fire and Jill strong set it aflame when she obeyed King Eckwith's dying wish to trigger the volcano. As she escapes with the Drylings from their hiding place into the land of Acchora, she's about to go from one dangerous realm into another.

With Juria now Queen over a divided nation, to survive above ground the Drylings must unite against the Rashtakar's armies that begin to fill the land. But Ama's discovery of wingless refugees on the slope of the burning mountain and a mysterious visitor from a far-away land threaten to further divide the Drylings into factions.

The battle for Acchora is a fight not only for survival but for the future. Even though Jill and Simon are outsiders caught up in the middle of the drama, without them, the battle for Acchora could be lost.

From the imagination of award-winning author and playwright Andrew Kooman comes the thrilling new book in the Ten Silver Coins adventure series that children of all ages and adults young at heart will love, and families can read aloud together. 

Perfect for readers' groups and book clubs that enjoy talking about adventure, the meaning of life, and what it means to be courageous in the world.

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