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She Has A Name Discussion Guide and Supplemental Reading List Now Available as Free Downloads

The best kind of stories, for me, are the ones you have to talk about after with a friend over coffee. Ones that generate conversations and questions. My goal with She Has A Name has always been to encourage a conversation about justice.

I'm happy to share with my readers that two great resources are now available on my website:

You can download both resources for free.

Who are they for?

Both resources were designed with justice-seeking individuals in mind. 

If you are looking to influence the conversation about injustice in your community make sure you check them out.  They work hand-in-hand with readings, screenings, and performances of She Has A Name.

They've been used by college theatre groups, organizers of screenings, producers of the play, and are perfect for book clubs or classrooms.

Human Trafficking Reading List 

If you were impacted by She Has A Name and want to learn more about how to address human trafficking, this FREE resource will help!

It's an annotated list of books, films and organizations that will help you learn more about the global reality of trafficking and to take action!

It's definitely not exhaustive, but it's a starting point.  If you enjoy it, please share it along.  I put it together during the launch of the paperback edition of my stage play.

You can download the reading list for free right here.


Discussion Guide - She Has A Name

Typically, after a performance or screening of the She Has A Name, audiences want to talk about the nature of human trafficking, how the story and characters impacted them, and ways that they can address the global issue in their home town.

The Discussion guide is designed to help lead such discussions.

It's a simple document that can serve as a roadmap for your talkback session or group discussion, whether you're doing a production of the play, screening the film.

You can download the Discussion Guide here.

You can also easily link to the document on the web or your smartphone if you don't want to print off paper for the discussion after your live event.

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