Poems for the Pandemic - Read a new poem by AK every day of self-isolation

Day 36 of self-isolation and #PoemPandemic feature is still spreading verse

It's already 36 days into the lockdown at the time of writing.  Like you, I didn't know how long it would last.

When I started my #PoemPandemic feature I had the good intention of uploading to to my website each day (to supplement my primary channel on social media).

I haven't been able to keep pace here on the blog (excuses: home life of work-from-home, 2 young kids, and grading term papers during a freaking pandemic!)  Which means I'm WAY behind on posting poems here.

But I  wanted to let you know that I continue to #spreadtheverse each day.

I've embedded a few recent poems below.  Jump over to my IG to check them out.



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