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Presence fills the very syntax of what we read.  We need not be in nature.  Anywhere we read we commune and cannot evade presence.

Part 2 in my "Finding Grace with Emerson" blog series.

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Finding Grace with Ralph Waldo Emerson and Friends is part of a 5-part blog series about the importance of stepping away from the strain of your busy world and into nature, to reflect on the meaningful things of life.  I propose that such behaviour will ensure encounters with grace.

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Here is the full list of resources that I consulted in my MA thesis research on the writing life and impact of poet, playwright, essayist and moral reformer Hannah More:    Works Cited   Carey, Brycchan.  “To Force a Tear: British Abolitionism and the Eighteenth-century London Stage.” Affect and Abolition in the Anglo-Atlantic, 1770-1830, edited by Stephen Ahern, Ashgate Publishing, 2013, pp 109-28. “Cat o’nine tails.” Understanding Slavery Initiative, dex.php-option=com_content&view=article&id=532_cat-onine-tails&catid=145_atlantic- crossing&Itemid=255.html. Accessed 18 July 2018. Christian Observer (1805) Accessed: University Microfilms. Index to American Periodicals of the 1800's: Keyed to University Microfilms APS II. Computer Indexed Systems, Indianapolis, 1989. Demers, Patricia. “Hannah...

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I've extended a discount on my ebooks to last for the rest of the month at

If you missed last week's big sale, don't worry, you can still save big!

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I'm grateful for early praise for Ten Silver Coins: The Battle for Acchora, Book Two in my YA series of novels..  Editor Mark Weber of the The Red Deer Express has this to say of Ten Silver Coins: The Battle for Acchora. "As with the first book, Kooman’s imaginative skill and keen sense of what truly makes a rich, adventurous tale work continues to thrive." "There is no question Kooman has his own unique style, and there are hints of influences from legendary authors like C.S. Lewis, Madeleine L’Engle and J.R.R. Tolkien that bubble gently to the surface as the...

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