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"Slavery" a poem that jolted the British Empire - Hacking Abolition (3)

For Hannah More, slavery was sin. The acknowledgement of evil and humanity's propensity to harm others shaped her view of why slavery existed in the first place.   In Part 3 of my exploration of Hacking Abolition, I look at the origin and advent of More's poem Slavery which jolted the British Empire and pushed readers at the highest levels of influence of society, to look in the mirror and look at the heart of the slave trade.

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Social fiction - Infusing writing with moral morsels in Hannah More's abolition work (2)

If we aim to "hack" the original abolition movement in order to move the needle toward the end of modern-day slavery, then understanding how the original movement thought and approached their work will be helpful.  Hannah More, the playwright, poet, essayist and moral reformist helps us here. Part 2 in Hacking Abolition, a blog series about her life, impact and what we can learn.

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