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Finding Advent, Andrew's new series is here in time for Christmas 2020.

Written so that the scripts can be performed as monologues each week in the lead  up to Christmas, or as dramatic readings on stage, filmed, or read via Zoom, the stories will empower you to intentionally and genuinely engage your hearts in complex times as a church, small groups and as families, whether you meet together in person, or connect online during the Advent season.

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My new skit Twelve Words at the River Jordan is now available at Skit Guys.

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Three Voices From the Rescue is a trio of monologues taken from real-life accounts of human trafficking survivors in India. Newly available at Monologue Bank.

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Come to the Manger, the new Advent Series by Andrew Kooman, is now officially available at just in time for Christmas.

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I'm happy to share that my post-War play We Are the Body will be performed at Pacific Theatre in Vancouver this June. Get dates and ticket info.

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