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Elsie Featurette - We Are the Body

“Not one winter, but four had passed since the war had made Europe seem like one long trench of suffering.” My new play, We Are the Body, opens with lights up on Elsie, who delivers the above lines, which are featured in a new video about the World Premiere released today by Burnt Thicket Theatre. Her memories are the

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Why the justice movement needs the arts

It was an exciting week on the She Has A Name front with a series of interviews and stories in the media and a reading from act one of the play in Calgary at Mount Royal University.  I’m grateful to the people giving the play airtime, for our PR Wizard who is helping us to get the word out, and for people on the ground locally who are picking up the story because they believe in it, and want to see us succeed.

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Give much away, expect nothing in return

In July I started to work away on a new play. I left the world of war-torn Europe (where much of my creative thought had been throughout the winter when I drafted a full length play, an exploration of Nazi occupied Holland during the Second World War).  I moved my imagination behind the Iron Curtain.

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