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The contemporary abolition movement has conjured up from history in order to retrace the steps toward the monumental goal to end slavery, in order to learn from the successes of the past.

One towering figure is Hannah More, the playwright, poet, essayist and moral reformist. Part 1 in Hacking Abolition, a blog series about her life, impact and what we can learn.

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In July I started to work away on a new play. I left the world of war-torn Europe (where much of my creative thought had been throughout the winter when I drafted a full length play, an exploration of Nazi occupied Holland during the Second World War).  I moved my imagination behind the Iron Curtain.

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I have a large envelope filled with old sermons that were written and delivered by my grandfather, Kalman Doka, throughout his ministry as a pastor of some 50 years.  They were given to me by my grandmother a few years ago.  I started to ask her questions about her life as a young girl, how she fell in love, what it was like to survive the Great Depression and live the War years.  And after that, she started to send me his sermons, and her letters, and then more.

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