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Why the busiest times are the best times to write

I had the opportunity to guest blog on writer/blogger Anna Tan's site in the lead up to the release of my new book Ten Silver Coins: The Drylings for Acchora.   Here's an excerpt:  If you’re like me, you have to pretty much hire private security to keep yourself from watching reality television, because if you start you can’t stop. Not the self-absorbed-celebrity-does nothing-significant-and-films-themselves-arguing type of reality TV. I mean the shows where creative people have a deadline to make something, with an interesting challenge thrown in for kicks. Like: Use this ball of string, four rags from a mechanic's shop, and a push-up bra to design a glamorous outfit that an A-list star will wear to the Met Gala. You have...

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Ten Silver Coins: The Battle for Acchora now available in print and everywhere ebooks are sold

"A rich, adventurous tale... with hints of influences from legendary authors like C.S. Lewis, Madeleine L’Engle and J.R.R. Tolkien."  ~ Red Deer Express Book Two in my YA series is here and initial feedback is so encouraging. It's release day today and I'm a mix of emotion. It's always a thrill and a bit overwhelming to release a new work into the world.  I really hope you and yours enjoy Ten Silver Coins: The Battle for Acchora. Buy Now Available on Amazon + everywhere e-books are sold The print edition is available on my website as well as on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca.If you prefer reading e-books, you can also purchase Book Two everywhere e-books are sold, including:  Chapters/Indigo (Kobo)  Barnes & Noble (Nook) iTunes (iOS devices)In the book, the world's on fire and Jill strong...

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On courage, writing for young audiences and learning in the long run - my conversation with RDC

I recently had the opportunity to chat with the great people at RDC about my new book, why courage matters and the importance of the Arts and Humanities.   I think we need courage to live and thrive in our world today. I’ve written both Book One and Two between writing other stories that have big themes and big questions, pulled from the real world... in the past, but if you look to the present you can see that wherever you go, people face incredible challenges. I think there can be some catharsis and some comfort for readers living in a world sometimes on edge to see characters, both real and imagined, find courage and employ it to overcome challenges. When...

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