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It's already 36 days into the lockdown at the time of writing.  I continue to upload a new poem each day in my #PoemPandemic feature.  Come and spread the verse. 

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Three Voices From the Rescue is a trio of monologues taken from real-life accounts of human trafficking survivors in India. Newly available at Monologue Bank.

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A new laurel for my latest screenplay Delft Blue, a war story about a family in occupied Holland.

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I'm thankful that words exist in any space. Unspoken, rehearsed, recorded and remembered. Repeated, muttered, released, unfettered. Whispered, scrawled, retracted, erased. Thoughtfully summoned. Spontaneously phrased.

What a world to inhabit this world if words.

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bp Nichol, Dewey, Dillard, Emerson, William James, writing -

Language is a force not only of movement but of depth too, with surprising meanings we need pay attention to.

Part 3 in my "Finding Grace with Emerson" series.

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