The YA series you've been waiting for

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The YA series you've been waiting for

I'm so thrilled to introduce you to the YA series you've been waiting for! 


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Ten Silver Coins is a book series that children of all ages and adults young at heart will love. Readers can expect an adventure story that’s filled with thrills.

When I was growing up, my parents always had books around the house for me and my three brothers to read.  As a family, we always read stories and often read themout loud together, whether it was Bible stories at the dinner table or the Hobbit or Lord of The Rings before bed time.

As a writer with a young son, I’m excited to contribute to the tradition of work that allows families to read stories aloud together and to help them create lifelong memories.

Ten Silver Coins has it all!  Get a glimpse of the world that Jill Strong is thrown into when she flees the city of Vendor: read the first three chapters of TSC 1 for free.

Dependent for the first time on her own wits and imagination as she flees like a refugee, Jill must adapt in real time to a world where what can't be seen is real and what she thought were the rules to live life by all seem to change in a moment.

Along the way Jill makes friends and foes in the world of Acchora where she seeks one of the coins she lost from thje treasure of ten she was entrusted with.

Critics are calling Ten Silver Coins a "refreshingly original!" series.

Book 2 in the series is available in time for Christmas 2018 and is a perfect gift for the reader in your life who loves an adventure story. You can pre-order Book 2 here and get lots of free stuff!


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