Why the busiest times are the best times to write

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Why the busiest times are the best times to write

I had the opportunity to guest blog on writer/blogger Anna Tan's site in the lead up to the release of my new book Ten Silver Coins: The Drylings for Acchora.  

Here's an excerpt: 

If you’re like me, you have to pretty much hire private security to keep yourself from watching reality television, because if you start you can’t stop. Not the self-absorbed-celebrity-does nothing-significant-and-films-themselves-arguing type of reality TV.
I mean the shows where creative people have a deadline to make something, with an interesting challenge thrown in for kicks.
Like: Use this ball of string, four rags from a mechanic's shop, and a push-up bra to design a glamorous outfit that an A-list star will wear to the Met Gala. You have three hours.
Or: Here’s a box of locally grown produce (turnips), a can of Spam circa the Vietnam War, and four jelly-filled doughnuts. Make an appetizer that will persuade a Michelin-star chef to hire you as the sous-chef at her new Vegas restaurant. You have twenty-five minutes.
Put a bunch of success-hungry creative people in a room together and give them a timed challenge with limited resources and I’m a fan, no matter if it’s fashion, furniture or fine dining.


Read the full article here.

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