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Silent, wealthy friends

I’m reading a biography about Oswald Chambers recently given to me by a friend.  I’m finding it a fascinating read of a very fascinating man, whose personal history I know little of but whose writings I’ve read almost daily for over a decade.

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Commissioned Work

I’ve been thinking about the word Commission.  As a writer it is a welcome thought: to be sought out by someone who appreciates what you do, to partner in a new work, to bring into a reality an aesthetic dream, and to not have to expend all the energy on ends to figure out how they will meet.

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The wonder and the horror of the greatest command

Our capacity to love God and others may not be where we prefer it to be or where it should be, but we must choose to pour the measure of that love out now.  The good news for us all is that we have a perfect example in Christ of selfless love, given without reserve.  It will be by looking to him that the measure of our love will increase.

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