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How a white boy from Canada came to write about issues faced by Asian migrants and how that could possibly matter to North Americans

Shocking stories of human rights abuses in South East Asia have now been heard around the world. Hope in Action gives an up-close look at the lives of migrants and refugees as they come to Malaysia. HOPE IN ACTION portrays an honest and eye-opening account of their experiences.

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Micah Featurette - We Are the Body

As the stories of the three main characters in We Are the Body unfold, Micah’s resilience unravels. A young man when thrown in jail for attending an illegal meeting, Micah wastes away in prison in a small cell with little light and hope, afraid the only physical touch he will ever know is the forceful blows of Soviet fists.

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Elsie Featurette - We Are the Body

“Not one winter, but four had passed since the war had made Europe seem like one long trench of suffering.” My new play, We Are the Body, opens with lights up on Elsie, who delivers the above lines, which are featured in a new video about the World Premiere released today by Burnt Thicket Theatre. Her memories are the

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