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What is justice?

What is justice? Is it an abstract concept that we grope to understand, as if in the dark?  Is it something we, mere men, can put into words? How central is a system of belief in absolutes to defining the term?

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What do you want?

Ohana Gathering, U of N Kona, May 7, 2009 What do you Want? There’s a story that comes out of the desert, a myth you may have heard about. It’s the story of a young man, who, in the world’s eyes is of little importance. He has no political power to speak of, he has no money and he wants his life to change. And somehow, maybe it’s coincidence, it does, when he comes across a lamp. When he picks up the lamp, a genie (supernatural being) appears to grant him his heart’s desires. Disney made the story popular in the animated film Aladdin, the story of a young Arab man, down on his luck with a dream for greatness....

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