Finding Advent - Bundle

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Let's face it, this was a hard year, and it's not over yet. More than any time in recent memory, we’ve faced uncertainty. Health, finances, fellowship, daily routines - things we often take for granted - have been disrupted.

You may not even know if you'll be able to celebrate the Christmas season with the people you love. Christmas isn't going to be the same. But our God has not changed. And the miracle and the message of Advent, that God came to us, is needed and as true and real as ever.

Finding Advent is a meaningful 5-script series of reflections that will empower you to intentionally and genuinely engage your hearts in complex times as a church, small groups and as families, whether you meet together in person, or connect online during the Advent season.

The series is written so that the scripts can be performed as monologues each week in the lead  up to Christmas, or as dramatic readings on stage, filmed, or read via Zoom.

Find the joy, peace, grace, hope and love that is the heart of the Christmas story all over again this year!


Product Details:

  • Story Type:  Reading or Monologue
  • Cast: 1 Actor or Reader, Male or Female for each script
  • Time: 3 minuntes each
  • Format: Downloadable, printable PDF
  • Series: The FULL Finding Advent Series (5 scripts total)
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