The Miracle of Mom

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Jessie and Laura meet under magical circumstances when a feather falls between them as they walk in a park.  Fast-forward five years when they are married with two kids.  The miracle of love and the magic of the falling feather is buried under piles of laundry.

This delightful skit reminds us of the miracle of motherhood through both the lens of Proverbs 31 and the vision of a husband who has the wherewithal to recognize that his wife’s faithfulness and the enduring power of love helps his family to soar on wings. 


  • Story Type:  Skit/Play
  • Cast: 2 Actors - Male 30s or 40s; Female 30s or 40s 
  • Time: Approx 5 mins
  • Format: Downloadable, printable PDF
  • License of Use