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Popular with instructors and teachers at universities and highschools with course work in justice, transitional justice, and theatre.

An excellent gift for the justice-lover in your family. 


Jason, a human rights lawyer, poses as a john so he can secretly meet with young women forced to work as prostitutes in Bangkok's busy red light district. His investigation zeroes in on The Pearl, a popular destination for sex tourists from around the world, known for its young and beautiful girls. Jason starts to build a friendship with a young girl known to him only as Number 18 and begins to piece together the story of how she arrived in Bangkok. He becomes convinced that her testimony could be the key to bringing perpetrators of a shocking trafficking incident that occurred on the Thai border to justice.

But can he win 18's trust in time and convince her to risk her life to testify against her cut throat pimp? With a storyline ripped from today's headlines, SHE HAS A NAME bravely explores the human toll of a global issue in a personal and dramatic way. The published text of the play is available for the first time, since it toured Canada and was released as a major motion picture. Described as a "heart-breaking hit" and "absolute must-see" theatre, critics across North America raved about the play.

In SHE HAS A NAME Andrew Kooman brings together two characters thrust together in unusual circumstances to remind us of the undeniable value of a single human life, even when it seems lost or forgotten in the dark world of organized crime. A must-have addition to your high school, College or University curriculum for justice studies, theatre studies and other programs that explore human trafficking, justice systems and transitional justice.

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