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Andrew Kooman


Andrew Kooman is an award-winning writer and producer who writes for the page, stage and screen. His critically acclaimed work has been produced around the world and translated into more than 10 languages. 

A note from Andrew

I started writing at a young age, in journals, as a way to make sense of the world.  Later, I stumbled into writing books, plays and films the way many of us fall into the things we end up loving to do: because passion connected with surprising opportunity.

Are you amazed at the beauty in the world and perplexed by the injustice and ugliness in it too?  I am.  I’ve seen a lot of both as I’ve travelled all over the world and met people from so many different backgrounds and walks of life.

That’s why I write frequently about justice issues.  It’s also why my vision statement as a writer is to:

tell stories that affirm the value of life and capture the imagination of the heart.

 That’s my promise to you as a reader. 

And my hope.  That my stories will tell you something new about the world and human experiences like love, risk, relationships, fear and even faith.  That my words will give you a fresh sensation and ring true. 

I’m grateful that you’ve stopped by my site.  If you’re unfamiliar with my work, I hope I make a good impression and will be a voice that challenges, inspires you.  And maybe helps you to see things anew.

So, where to start?

How about with this: As a thank you for visiting my site, please use this 20% off coupon towards your first purchase from AndrewKooman.com.  Use the coupon code: “AKTHANKS"

Andrew Kooman

New to my work?  You can read my full writer’s bio here.

Some suggestions for where to start reading my writing:

  • A lot of people who stop by my site come for She Has A Name.  You can view the production-ready scripts here and the award-winning motion picture here.
  • I also am an official author with The Skit Guys and publish most of my Faith and Family content on my author page at SkitGuys.com, but you can find some of it here too.
  • If you’re looking for work to audition with or to produce for an amateur or professional production, check out my other plays.
  • And if you like free content, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter Scribe Notes and visit my blog.
  • Fan of Young Adult fiction? Check out my Ten Silver Coins series for young audiences.

Thanks for visiting my site and for reading my work.  I hope it moves you. 

Andrew Kooman
London, 2019